And now I see it. The funny side of life. Everything that anybody has ever worked for, a monstrous joke....

Welcome to the Arcadian Holy Site! I only offer FAQs. What more do you need?

Religious Content Warning: Not for minors. Not for whiners.
Be an Adult or get the fuck out of my kingdom!!

What is an Arcadian?

Arcadians are Satanic-Christians, who reject God, but Love Jesus. We believe in Freedom of Non-Oppressive Speech. We reject the false prophets of the Old Testament, and the false authority of Pope Francis. We are Devilish Little Christs seeking Autonomy & Freedom.

Arcadians share a complex set of spiritual values that include self-control, self-reliance, self-improvement, compassion, conservation, courage, curiosity, empathy, kinship and friendship, a questioning attitude while maintaining skepticism, a holistic sense of oneness and peaceful interdependence, a responsibility for others, and reverence for Nature and Mother Earth.

What is the Original Sin?

The Sin of the Golden Calf; The Canaanite Sin of False Idolatry in direct violation of the First Commandment. This inevitably lead to a false belief in Israeli-Jewish Supremacy (Gods Chosen People). The long-term effects being: Gods globally divisive plague of Hatred, War, and Racism. And it will continue to escalate eternally until it is stopped, or until we are all dead.

Its a sad fact that every form of Superiority or Supremacy originated with their selfish and childish ways. Where do you think everyone from the Rich, to the Whites, to the Nazis got such a fucking rotten idea from!? No wonder Moses was mad as hell. Big oof!

I was told the Original Sin was because of Eve and the Apple?

Oh yeah? Did a man tell you that? And you just believed him!? Can you verify? Were you there?? You sure hes not just lying to you to gain a tacit psychological advantage???

Is there a god?

Yes, multiple. An infinite number, in fact! Commonly referred to as a Pantheon (or Pandemonium). Earth, or whatever planet you live on, is the Primary. So maybe dont worship the Sun, as you stand on the Earth... youll break Our Mothers Heart.

(Seriously though, please dont be so hard on Your Eternal Support System. Shes over 4.5 Billion Years Old.)

But if you are talking about the Venomous Abrahamic Death-god, Yahweh, then, yes, hes real too. God exists. Why do you think the world is so fucked up? God is a con artist; a fake; a fraud. He is not LORD; he is the LIAR!!

The Proof is that everything The Beast births is nothing more than a cheap imitation of Nature; the Manufactured, the Fake and Artificial; Artificial Sweeteners, Artificial Colors, Artificial Materials (Synthetics), Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Truths, Artificial Freedom.

Should I feel guilty or ashamed of my body? Or for being naked?

Not at all. Youre crafted in the image of the Divine and youre fucking hot!! Your body is yours to enjoy how you see fit. Nudity is not inherently sexual! You are allowed to love your body in safe, non-harmful, and consensual ways. And you are allowed to share as much of yourself with others as you like. (Although the comfort levels of others may vary.)

And hey, if youre truly not supposed to be naked, then clothing would be free, wouldnt it? *shrug emoji*

What is an Anti-Christ?

In the same way that Anti-Semite can be used, an Anti-Christ is someone who hates or rejects Jesus Christ. Anti-Christs are quarrelsome, petty, cruel, stubborn, and selfish; a man-child that acts like an arrogant baby; a manipulative subversive undermining the standards of Common Sense & Human Decency. Anti-Christs, by their very Hateful nature, are also Anti-Diversity, Anti-Peace, and Anti-Arcadian.

Who is The Antichrist?

I cant answer that directly but... isnt it a bit uncanny that Donald Trump has the EXACT same initials as Damien Thorn? Odd that he has a Supernatural hold over people? Strange for a man to have orange-skin stained one shade off from the blood-red of Satan? Queer that Donnie Darko is violently seeking political power?

Jeez! What are the odds on that one!?

How do I join? How do I help?

There is no joining. Only cults, militaries, and forced labor camps need people to join. To be Arcadian, you either are or youre not. Actions always speak louder than words; even louder than The Word. Be Good. And if thats too confusing, then just keep asking the one question youve Known since you were a baby:

Why? why, Why, WHY... HWHY????

He really Hates hearing his name backwards; His True Name. Really gets the angelic little chicken-shits feathers ruffled! But HEHWAW-HEHDOY sounds like the sounds an ass makes after being slapped on its ass lmao.

Cause if youre too afraid to ask questions or speak up for yourself, then God already Owns you: Heart, Mind, Body, & SOUL. But of course, a LIAR can never stand an Honest Question! Like a flaming sword through frozen butter, the Truth cuts through the only thing a LIAR is truly capable of loving:

His Lies.